In our restaurant we are not interested in just giving food to satisfy the hungry. What we really look for is a fun, simple and quality experience, so if you come to Can Cintet you can try fast food made above average in restaurants that offer similar products as: tapas, gourmet burgers, salads. , various sandwiches and daily and weekend menus. All this at an affordable price for all budgets and in a young, relaxed, healthy and for the whole family environment, you can also eat in one of the oldest buildings in Besalú and enter the inner courtyard of this ; which would be virtually impossible if we weren't open offering our simple and convenient culinary offer.


Breaded brie
chunks with jam
meat croquettes
Chicken strips
Breaded chicken strips with curry sauce
Fried calamari
Battered langoustine tails
With flour and sesame seeds, wasabi sauce and soy sauce
La cabra
150g aged beef burger, goats’ cheese, caramelised onion, mixed baby leaves, mayonnaise and tomato
Burger tower
Polar bread, beef burger, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg and barbecue sauce

We are in Besalú

Gourmet burgers and tapas in the town of Besalú